IN our work of Social Responsibility, we are the local partner of San Juan Rio Relief.
We work together in the line of support 4 health center in the communities around.

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Charge 6% of commission bank in card payments



A memory that lasts a life time.

Located in the municipality El Castillo, Rio San Juan,Nicaragua. You are very welcome to our beautiful land; land of hard working people with a great spirit to make this country, a better one.

An article of Sabalos Lodge from one of the most famous news papers of United Kingdom “The Guardian”

You've found the first chapter of the adventure of your life! Here at Sabalos Lodge you can explore the beauty of the Nicaraguan wilderness along the Rio San Juan. Relax after a long day in our hammocks while you take a cold drink, and enjoy an amazing view of the river
This is the place for the true adventurer and our goal is to give each of our visitors a genuine experience that will last for a lifetime. The biodiversity of the area offers you the chance of seeing exotic wildlife right outside your cabin.

Take a look at our website and contact us if you want us to set up a trip for you, alone or with family or friends. We have cabins to accommodate many different groups and needs.

In SABALOS LODGE we practice a true ecotourism.

Before you arrive, please let us know your alimentary preferences and others.




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